How we carry out stocktakes

An average 20K Convenience Stores takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete and because of the professional systems adapted by Countability UK we promise NO disruption whatsoever, the business can continue to trade completely normal, we make any necessary adjustments on the takings and produce all the paperwork required including a certificate of valuation always on the day.

Countability UK operates a National service.


On every stocktake the figures are worked out at both retail and cost and a full certificate of valuation is provided to the retailer, Countability UK then produces a full detailed report itemising the total stockholding in each any every department relevant to the trade, this can be provided at both cost and retail if required, a must for effective and accurate stock insurance.

We advise retailers to check the stocktaking companies credentials, How long have they been practising, are they registered with the British Stocktakers Association and can references be taken up if required.
Make sure that the booking is confirmed by the stocktaking company in writing and that it clearly states the fee that is to be charged.

Countability UK operates a nationwide retailers helpline whereby retailers can telephone us without any obligation on booking for advice or assistance with their stocktaking problems