Stocktaking Services


Stock takes can reduce your overall running costs by identifying stock losses or inaccurate pricing. Our stocktakers or Stock valuers will save you time and money by carrying out the Stock take quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption to your trading business as possible. Most people on hearing the words "Stocktaking" or "Stock take" run and hide, because they envisage long hours of counting, reams of stock lists and stock counts, hours of collating and compiling of figures - with possible re-checks of stock counts, the final results being unsatisfactory, adding to the man hours, overtime and inconvenience caused to the business, it seems only good business sense to use a professional stocktaking company like ourselves, to take this milestone away and reduce the cost as well. Regular Stock Checks could stop any losses escalating each year which in turn affects cash flow and continued profitability. Countability UK are experienced in all trades including Newsagents, Forecourts, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Hardware, Pharmacy, Off Licence, Pubs, Clubs, Garden Centres, Warehouses, Stadiums, Local Authorities and Leisure Centres.

In addition, we carry out work for Government Departments, Police, Fire and NHS Services – all of which require security clearance checks for our staff.

Most annual Stock takes throughout the UK can be completed within one day without causing any upheaval to the business. Stock counts are carried out by our fully trained and qualified stocktakers. They start by counting all of the stock (which is owned or invoiced by the client) at the retail price, this is sorted into the relevant categories in a monetary form. From this we then take the VAT and trade recognised margins to arrive at a cost figure.

This type of Stock take can highlight all-manner of issues, for example Theft, Loss Making Areas and Out of Date Items.


Stock Valuations need a high level of accuracy and trade knowledge - which all of our Stock Valuers have.

Our Stock Valuers continually update the procedures and systems used to value stock. The Stock Valuation can be carried out while the business is trading.

Our Stock Valuers in the United Kingdom will work in conjunction with another stocktaking firm (or fully manage the whole valuation) and negotiate on our clients behalf, which means you will get a highly professional and balanced service from one of the leaders in this field.


The Stock Valuers will carry out this procedure in a similar way to annual Stock takes, though we are valuing replacement cost to ensure the correct insurance cover is maintained. In the event of an insurance claim an appraisal of the damaged goods by our fully trained Stock Valuers can prove very useful when negotiating a settlement figure with the insurance company or other party.

We have experience in most types of stock and provide highly accurate information when stock or goods are unrecognisable due to damage caused throughout the UK.

Our fully trained and experienced licensed trade stocktakers will carry out a line by line product stock count which is then entered into our own specialised software system. This provides a great deal of line by line information including the gross profit percentage. This system can give reports on a weekly or monthly basis, which will be produced on site on the day.

Our licensed trade department in the UK can respond to your requirements at very short notice, this includes business transfers, unannounced stocks, valuations and management stock takes within any type of organisations; for example social clubs, single pubs, leisure centres, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, local authorities, nightclubs and multi site pub chains at competitive prices.

We carry out many forecourt stock counts on a Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly and Half-yearly basis by either monetary values or by scanners.

Our UK based Stock Counters can produce summaries in several different formats to suit all the major oil companies.


An inventory stock take is not just about listing the clients stock on pages of paper. It can involve location, description, count, size, price or any other information supplied. We can also scan bar coded stock, details of which can be downloaded and complied into a final report. We can even input information collected onto any data format required.

Going back to the start of this section where we would list the stock on sheets of paper, we can take that method forward to where we could extend the stock lists to give quantity totals of stock or in monetary totals.

Countability UK can provide this service to either businesses, homeowners and letting agents, the asset inventory service will provide a complete record of all assets for example fixtures and fittings, business equipment, financial records and any other goods of value.

The reports we produce are backed up with complete documentation and photographic evidence to support any instances of loss. This can help when making Insurance claims or assisting in probate, divorce settlements and break up of business partnerships.


This service helps our client determine whether their customer and point of sale procedures and systems are working and accurate.


One of Countability UK's Stock Checkers will assess client stock to ensure that it is "in-date" and to identify any stock with short dates which may be overlooked by staff. A report will be compiled either on-site or at a later date, dependant on client preference.


Our team of Audit and Inventory professionals in the UK will carry out all necessary tasks required by commercial risk divisions of major vehicle and asset funders who provide working capital to the retail motor industry; and any high value asset franchisors - including Commercial Lorries, Vans and Motorcycles etc.

We offer a range of bespoke stocktaking procedures throughout the United Kingdom, as every client is unique in some way. Our experience is extensive but we are always willing to gain more knowledge to improve our service to our customers. The staff we use have used many different systems, ranging from clients in house systems to our own bespoke packages. Not only will a stocktake provide you with an accurate stock position file showing the quantities and locations, it will also highlight areas for improvement and assist your business to optimise service to its customers.

Stocktakes can be carried out whilst the centre is trading, allowing you and your staff to continue working as normal. We offer a wide range of packages which include monetary value through to scanning inventory type stocktakes. Countability UK have acted on behalf of sole traders to multiple outlet companies in this field.

We believe that accuracy is everything. During all stocktakes, every single item is counted or weighed and recorded either by calculator, scanner or manually. At the end of the stocktake, the university are provided with multiple reports that are easy to understand.