Annual Stocktaking Plan

Countability UK Ltd

1. Countability UK are appointed to conduct the stocktake.

2. A letter is sent to the client confirming place, date and time of stocktake. Also, this will explain fees and terms of payment and cancellation fees.

3. On the agreed day, we will count the stock at the retail price, items considered in our opinion unsaleable or out dated will not be included.

4. Any stock not paid for by the client e.g. “pay for what you sell”basis, should be brought to our attention and will not be included into the stocktake.

5. Whilst counting the stock at retail value, it will be broken down into different commodity groups under standard and zero rated headings plus a figure for the outstanding news delivery accounts.

Countability UK Ltd

6. When the count has been completed we will then deduct the VAT[where applicable] and then either the agreed or trade recongised margins to arrive to a cost figure.

7. The figures are then transferred to a Summary sheet and Certificate of Valuation which then signed by all parties.

8. This is ALL carried out in one day and ALL documents are produced on the day too.