Business Valuation

Buying or Selling a business is always a stressful time, so by the time you are ready to appoint a stocktaking company, you are probably feeling quite tired and jaded from all the legal and financial dealings.

This final hurdle is probably one of the most important hurdles to overcome, as a bad stocktaking company could lose you hundreds or thousands of pounds. This if they don’t know what they are doing or have limited experience in this area.

This is why we excel in this area and are regarded as one of the top players by our competitors. We only use stock takers, who have been highly trained and have many years, some as much as 30 years, experience in this sector.

Countability UK Ltd

Company Valuation

We try to take all the stress and worry out of this stage of the process by carrying out an accurate count in a short space of time (usually around 2-4 hours). We identify out of date or unsaleable stock and stock owned by third parties (which is commission biased). Also, asking the right questions, regarding anything to do with the stock on the premises which could incorporate margins or stock returns.

We can also calculate news hugglers, which is when a business provides newspaper home delivery, which is a very specialised area. We can work on behalf of just one party (Buyer or Seller) and then negotiate on our clients behalf with the other parties. What happens in a lot of cases in the current climate, is that we work for both parties.

This means a lot of cases a smoother solution and our costs are shared between both parties, which means less to pay from each side. Which is always welcome after such an expensive period on both sides.
We provide all the relevant paperwork on the day, which consists of Valuation Certificate and Invoices, which we were the forerunners in providing, with a stock summary breakdown following shortly afterwards.

This whole procedure is vital and very important, for you to finalise the transaction to be completed, as Solicitors, Banks, Accountants and Government Bodies will need a accurate stock figure to complete or proceed with their work.

Countability UK, are founder members of the British Stocktakers Association [ BSA ]

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