Pharmacy Stocktakers

Countability UK Ltd

The Pharmacy stocktakes within this department are highly qualified and use up to date technology within this very accurate yet timely procedure. Countability UK’s stocktaking team can adjust figures to any date required.

We provide a complete, cost-effective and professional solution to all your stocktaking requirements, from simple counts through to fully formatted records, tailored to a level of detail which best suits your business needs.

We have many years experience within the retail and wholesale Pharmacy trades, working for a number of sole traders and companies. We have several regional offices which ensure we are able to cover the whole of the country with ease and efficiency coupled with the fact we have been trading since the nineties mean you will be dealing with an established company.

Our services ensure your workforce is free to concentrate on your core business and profitability. Our team provides an accurate, reliable check on all your stock and acts as a professional physical check to your computer stock lists. Our service provides vital information as to whether your all-important profit margins are being achieved. We can provide all reports, summaries and valuation certificates on site.

Two of the many ways Countability UK carry out pharmacy stocktakes


We count the stock as retail monetary values on calculators whilst also splitting the stock into different commodity groups. As each commodity group will have various different profit margins and in some cases different levels of vat or no vat.

After the physical count has been completed we then input all the retail figures into our tailor made software program which then takes out the vat element, or not as the case maybe, and then the many profit margins from all the different commodity groups, to leave us with nett figures of each group, subtotals of standard, zero and dispensary etc through to a final nett holding figure.

We will then print off, on site, all the paperwork our client needs. So, this means the client has everything they need to complete or assist there accountant, bank or insurance broker etc in their work, before we leave, without having to wait for weeks for the stocktaking paperwork to arrive in the post. We can also include and show a stock write-off figure on the summary/breakdown sheet.


We have again developed a software system which can incorporate any of our clients needs whilst containing all the most up to date prices from all the most recognised trade lists. To start we can either obtain a file from the customer with all the stock item codes on it or we would use our own comprehensive product list once this has been agreed, we would then scan all the stock items.

When completed we can then download the information back into the clients system or provide pharmacy stock reports in many different ways.

Extra services/ benefits carried out by COUNTABILITY UK while we are on site

We will endeavour to take off all short-dated and out of date stock while carrying out the stocktake and highlight any non-priced or miss priced items

We also offer a cost effective Retail Stocktaking Service.