NHS Stocktaking

Over the years Countability UK have been approached by several NHS trusts to carry out their NHS annual stocktakes. This is not only for their accounting purposes but also for the trusts to get a more control. As well as a better picture of what stock they have. Also where the stock is situated, So, a physical check is the only way to achieve this by a third party like ourselves.

We offer a bespoke service to each trust, which can incorporate their needs with our extensive knowledge. We can then provide an excellent package which will deliver an accurate count. Whilst identifying over or under stocks. It will also identify obsolete, damaged stock and we will provide locations of where these stocks are situated.

With that in mind, it gives the trust the ability to act immediately on the information we have provided. Therefore, making the trust more effective and efficient with using its funds in the areas most needed.
In our years of experience, we have carried out all kinds of stocktaking projects for the trusts including :-

Complete NHS Stocktakes

This consists of covering all areas of the hospitals such as: wards, theatres, out patients, clinics and A & E.
We will be locating, counting and recording the stock. We then enter the the information with our own data analysts (if this service is required by the trust, as it is optional).

It can be extended with line by line pricing and totals, therefore taking all the strain away from the trust. At the end we present the stocktake in a excel file or any format the trust requires back to the them.

Part NHS Stocktakes

This is where the trust decides that they needed extra support in areas of their operation. As they don’t feel confident with the information they have on file and by using our services this will clarify this issue.

Special NHS Stocktake Projects

This where we have been instructed to carry out stocktakes in different areas of the hospital. As stated in “Part Stocktakes” section we have visited sites in the local communities. Locations like doctors surgeries and health clinics.

In conclusion, by using a company like ourselves, gives you peace of mind that the stock count will be very accurate. It will also be methodically carried out and a complete package delivered at the end of it. Whilst being flexible and adaptable even as the project is in process of being carried out.

Our staff are very well trained and experienced in this area of stocktaking. They have worked in very delicate and highly sensitive areas. Such as intensive care, labour theatres/wards and children's wards. They work very closely with the staff and have their passes on at all times.

So as you can see by using our company you get all the pain and effort taken away from producing your final years figures. As well as getting a very accurate view point over the whole trust. You will be able to see where the trusts funds are being held and the added bonus of seeing the levels of stocks plus any damaged, out of date or obsolete stock.

Contact Us

As you can tell we come with years of experience in this field of work. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone now if you would like to discuss your stock taking needs in more detail. The best number to catch us on is 01707 333 665.