Licensed Trade Stocktakers

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Stocktaking in any modern licensed premises can be highly demanding, physically and mentally. The bigger pub companies run more complex businesses than the tenanted trade but both need regular stocktakes, so they can pinpoint any problems before they start affecting the businesses cash flow.

Our team of specially trained Stocktakers usually categorise products into groups, providing statistical analysis of these. Therefore, a sound, wide-ranging product knowledge is a major advantage when entering the world of licensed trade stocktaking.

Imagine a stocktaker who has no idea of the workings and operations of a pub or restaurant trying to identify the numerous products - if they do not know that rioja is a Spanish wine or that Funky Monkeys are vodka shots, for instance, they'll be in trouble.

After the licensed trade stocktake, we can discuss with you procedures that you can put in place to stop or minimise any future problems. The report we produce, is easy to navigate through and you will gain many valuable points of information, for example GP on every stock item, stock holding of each product line and waste margins etc. When carrying out a stocktake we do expect the client to provide all the necessary paperwork, as this will assist us in producing an accurate stock list and profit and loss figures.

Countability UK Ltd


In most businesses in your sector, producing good and possibly homemade food these days, is very popular these days, so making a good profit is essential. In our food stocktakes, Countability UK will show you where you can improve your profitability and where your biggest wastage areas are.

This information will only improve the profitability of your kitchen but this will only work if we work and have the full backing of the proprietor and the chef, whom we will see together and at a time that suits both. Also, the food count can be done whilst the chef is in attendance or our stock takes counting alone.

We provide our stocktaking services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. You can rest assure our team of experienced stock takes will work quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption in your workplace. If you work in the licensed trade and you’re looking for trusted stocktakers, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01707 333665.